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 Need a pretty envelope for a gift? Make your own!

What you need

(Fancy) paper

Sewing thread

Step 1

Cut your paper into rectangles of 7 1/2" x 15 1/2" (for an envelope of appr. 5" x 6 1/2"). Cut 2 1/2" squares from different coloured paper

Step 2

Fold the squares into prairie points as follows: fold the square in half...

Fingerpress the fold

Fold one point of the rectangle to the open side of the folded paper

Do the same to the other side...this is your finished prairie point. Put them aside for the moment.

Step 3

Fold both short sides of your rectangle to the wrong side of your paper, on one side about 1/2". Then measure about 10" from this fold and fold the other side to just above the 10" mark.

Step 4

Stitch both folded sides. The narrow one with one line of stitching, the other with two. Set your machine to a longer stitch to avoid tearing the paper along the stitching lines.

Step 5

Fold the long sides to the wrong side of the paper (1/2")

Step 6

Fold the points of the rectangle inwards (see picture), this is the flap of the envelope.

Step 7

Fold the other side of the rectangle upwards to form the envelope.

Step 8

Insert one of your prairie points under the flap of the envelope.

Keep it in place with a paperclip.

Step 9

Stitch the envelope. Begin at the bottom of the envelope (leave long threads hanging), make sure you stich on the right side of the flap, stitch up along the side, stitch down the folds of the flap, and stitch back down the other side. Tie knots in the hanging threads to finish them off.

The finished envelope

If you want to add (stitched) embellishments to the envelope itself, do so before stitching it together. Embellishments on the flap can always be added later.


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