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HerHerma de Ruiterma de Ruiter

I have always loved creating with fabric. I was lucky enough to have a mother who made all our clothes and so there were always scraps of fabric to work with. When I was nine I got my first sewing machine, a Singer hand crank sewing machine, the best Christmas present ever. I made clothes for my dolls, myself and later my children. When I wasn’t sewing, I was knitting, embroidering or spinning.

Through my children I discovered the joy of working in Early Childhood Education and when the youngest was off to school I went back to school myself: teacher training college. My love of all things textile followed me there and I wrote my thesis on the endless possibilities of textile materials in Early Childhood Education. After teaching children for a while, I went back to the teacher training college, this time as a teacher.

Another change in my life took me to Italy, to a little village in the province of Prato and work in a small chemical company (surrounded by the Prato textile industry). The enormous choice and availability of knitting yarns there, started me knitting again. After a while (there being a limit to the amount of sweaters that fit in my closet) I started looking around for something else to keep my hands busy and my soul happy and so I (re)discovered quilting. After going it alone for a while I finally found the courage to enroll in one of the on-line courses of the Design Matters team. I haven’t looked back since.

I can no longer imagine a life in which creating with fabric does not play an important part. I love making things myself and I love sharing what I do with others.In 2013I teamed up with WonderFil Specialty Threads to introduce their fabulous thread lines in Holland.

Pezzettino is a beautiful book by Leo Leonni about a little piece(pezzettino in Italian) who thinks he must be part of something bigger because all his friends are made of many pieces. I used this book in my very first ‘creating with fabric’ lesson for four and five year-olds and I think it’s a perfect title for a website dedicated to using little pieces to make something bigger.

2013 One day Masterclass Layers of Illusion with Wendy Cotterill

2013 Half day Masterclass Designing for Stitch with an i-Pad with Angela Daymond

2012   One day Masterclass Easy silk painting techniques with Brigitte Kopp

2012   Half day Masterclass Felt to Quilt with Barbara Weeks

2012   Half day Masterclass Driven Dotty and other Materially Magical Formations with Jenny Rayment

2011    Masterclass Thread painting with Pam Holland

2010    City & Guilds 7922-03 Patchwork and Quilting Certificate Online with Catherine Nicholls of Design Matters

2010    Half day Masterclass Textile transformations with Janice Gunner

2010    Half day Masterclass Ghost images with Pat Archibald

2007    City & Guilds 7822-10 Patchwork and Quilting Certificate Online with Catherine Nicholls of Design Matters


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