Passion for quilting


Babyquilts are the quilts I make for the babies that are born in our family. It started quite accidentally when I finished making a quilt for the bed of one of my sisters. There were so many bits and pieces left that I decided to make a smaller quilt for the cot of her new-born daughter. This first babyquilt started a tradition so now I’m making quilts for every baby that arrives in our family. As you can see that’s already quite a lot of babyquilts.

In Holland we send out cards to announce the birth of a baby and I use that card as a starting point for the babyquilts. The name of the baby, the date of birth, and pictures of the baby and his/her family are returning features on these babyquilts.

Babyquilts are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to give. The children like them too once they are big enough to understand. The love looking at the photo’s on their babyquilts. I’ve started ‘hiding’ them under flaps to make the quilt even more interesting.

As you can see I have now finished the quilt for my granddaughter Sara. The pictures of her first weeks are hidden in the heartshaped little books on the centre of the quilt.


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