Lockdown bras

During lockdown, bras became a non-essential piece of clothing, at least for me. It was liberating to simply not wear one anymore. But what do you do with those unwanted articles of lingerie? Throw them away? I decided to create something new with them and this is the result: the lockdown bras. I call them completely unwearable pieces of art for a reason. I finished the first one in November 2020. Now I am making one a month. Enjoy!

November 2020 – Pretty in Pink: the first lockdown bra, I started making this in October, Pink Ribbon Month.

December 2020 – Merry Christmas. Someone requested tassels, enjoy!

January 2021 – Blue Monday. Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I’m hoping this will make you smile.

February 2021 – Sweet Valentine. I read somewhere that the period after Valentine’s Day (and Christmas) sees the highest volume of returns in lingerie shops. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there for someone.

March 2021 – Spring is in the air! A celebration of the first day of spring.

April 2021 – Oranje boven! Celebrating the king’s birthday.

May 2021 – Newspaper wrap

June 2021 – Love is love

July 2021 – A day at the beach

August 2021 – Denim darling

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