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Textieldagen Verhildersum 2013

Het zit er weer op, de Textieldagen Verhildersum 2013. Het was koud en nat maar toch een groot succes.

Textieldagen Verhildersum

Heel veel leuke enthousiaste reacties gekregen op de quilts, kussens en boekjes die ik mee had genomen.

Textieldagen Verhildersum

De workshops waren ook een groot succes. Deze foto kreeg ik van de familie Burgler uit Aduard:

Textieldagen Verhildersum

Het resultaat van de workshop Mini Art Quilt, daar kun je mee thuis komen!


Textieldagen Verhildersum

Het weekend van Hemelvaart vind je me op de Textieldagen Verhildersum:


11 & 12 mei jaarlijkse Textieldagen op Verhildersum

Ieder jaar in het weekend na hemelvaart staat Landgoed Borg Verhildersum te Leens twee dagen volledig in het teken van textiel. Lapjes, bolletjes, hoeden, tassen, draden, patronen, boeken, maar ook wandkleden, workshops en kunstwerken. Er zijn volop info- en verkoop kraampjes waar u alles kunt vinden wat u nodig heeft voor breien, quilten, vilten, borduren, weven en allerlei handwerk hobby’s. Zaterdag 11 & zondag 12 mei, van 10.30 tot 17.00u in de Museumboerderij van Landgoed Borg Verhildersum te Leens (Groningen), entreeprijs €7,50.

Dit jaar is het thema “Textiel en Kunst”. Er zal, naast de standaard kraampjes met handwerkmateriaal en naslagwerken, extra aandacht besteed worden aan het gebruik van textiel als autonome kunstvorm. Denk aan zeer creatieve breiwerken of wandkleden die net schilderijen lijken. Jong en oud kunnen zich vergapen aan kunstig en kleurrijk textiel en tijdens de workshops samen bezig met hun eigen creaties. Ook zal getoond worden hoe met oude technieken traditionele en moderne ontwerpen  te maken zijn.

De workshops worden dit jaar gegeven door Blomsterstuga uit Loppersum, een viltatelier; Weefgoed uit Winsum, met spinnen met een spintol en pre-historisch twijnen; Wolstudio Fochteloo over breien, haken, enz. en Pezzettino Quilting uit Epe met quilts en quiltpatronen. Hiernaast zullen vele demonstraties de hele dag door getoond worden. Kom tot rust in het breicafé, doe mee aan de breiwedstrijd of leg uw handwerkproblemen voor aan experts.

Op de rest van het landgoed kunt u de tentoonstelling “Terugkomst van de bewoners”, over zes eeuwen Groninger macht en pracht, bekijken en de in 19e eeuwse stijl ingerichte borg. In Grand Café ’t Schathuys zijn portretten van bijzondere Groninger boeren en diverse landschapsschilderijen te bewonderen en kun u uiteraard genieten van een kop koffie of een lunch. Op zondag 12 mei zal in de tuin een concert plaats vinden in het kader van een uitwisseling tussen het Praedinius Gymnasium uit Groningen met het J. Althusius Gymnasium uit Emden (Du).

Textieldagen Verhildersum

Trudi de Kreek


Threadpainting statue

As you can see, you can make a threadpainting of just about anything. In this case a picture I took of a statue. Cut out the statue (printed onto fabric), fuse it onto the background fabric, make the quiltsandwich and off you go. It’s also fun to figure out different ways to quilt the background. This one is quilted in blocks. It’s not quite finished yet. I’m waiting for some ceramic buttons to add to the centers of the blocks…

threadpainting statue


More thread painting

thread painting

I think I’m addicted…to coffee and to thread painting. A good opportunity to combine my addictions and make a thread painting of some of my coffee cups. I took a photograph of one of my coffee cups and manipulated the result on my i-pad using Moku HD. I printed the result onto a piece of white fabric (one big cup, two small ones) and then it’s time for the really fun part, thread painting.

thread painting

The big cup is almost finished. I haven’t decided exactly how to carry on. I think I’ll cut out the cup and then use it on a background quilt. To be continued…


Festival of Quilts Video on

For everyone who didn’t get to the Festival of Quilts and everyone who did and wants a repeat. Someone tipped me to this video today. It shows a selection of the quilts in the Pictorial category, including the winners and my own quilt (at the very end). Enjoy!





Festival of Quilts 2012

The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham was once again an incredible experience. So many beautiful quilts, so many wonderful people, so much interesting new quilt stuff. You’re ready to drop after four days but it still never seems enough. If you’ve never been, put it on your calendar, August 8-11, 2013!

I sent two of my quilts to the competition. My threadpainted doors to the Pictorial Quilts:



and a new quilt, ‘A thing of beauty…’, to the Quilters’ Guild Challenge:

A thing of beauty…

The theme of the challenge was: Britain, what it means to me. The inspiration comes from English language and literature. I used several of my favourite poems. It has a needlefelted background with heavy machine stitching, hand stitching, poems printed on silk, and beading.

The quilts didn’t win any prizes but there were some nice comments from the judges and visitors.




The doors are finished

Finally, just before the deadline, I managed to finish my doors quilt.This is the result:

And these are the individual doors:

The doors are all threadpainted and the background has been densely machine quilted. The doors were all made individually and then joined together. The seams were covered with ribbon. The outer edge of the quilt is finished with ribbon and cording. The keys were attached with cording,



My doors are coming along nicely. Yesterday I finished door number seven and this morning I started on door number 8. It actually looks like I’ll finish in time for my deadline. These are the background fabrics I’m using for my doors:

And this is my assistant Ares, where would I be without him?

A few weeks ago when I was talking to my husband about the doors he asked me about the keys and that sparked the idea to add some keys to the quilt. I went to the local second-hand shop to see what they had. At that point not a lot but they told me to come back a week later because they were just cleaning a house for someone and the had already seen boxes with keys. A week later I went back and there were more keys thatn I’ll ever need for this quilt. Of course I bought far too many but honestly, how can one resist…?

Enough keys for this quilt and more.

Beautiful big rusty keys.

I love these small ones as well.



So what am I doing with all those doors? They’re all going to be part of a quilt. I’m threadpainting them all separately and then joining them together to make one quilt. I made a couple of samples first:

The doors are first printed onto Miracle Fabric sheets, then added to a background with fusible web. After adding batting and backing the door is threadpainted. The background is quilted.


More doors…

It’s taken me a while but after lots of sampling, sleepless nights, endless cups of coffee and tea, I’ve finally decided which doors I’ll be using for my project.

Now all I have to do is thread paint them…



Doors, doors, doors…fascinating subject. I’m working on a doors project and the hard part is choosing which doors to use.

A bricked-up door in Italy

A garage door in Holland

Church doors in Holland

Front door in Holland

Front door in Mexico

Another Mexican door

Another door in Mexico

I like Mexican doors, this is another one

and this,

and this as well.

There are still more doors in my file so you can imagine I’m having a hard time choosing. I need at least nine doors for this project and if I have time (there’s a deadline) I could maybe do twelve… I’m going to thread paint them individually and then put them together to make one quilt. I’m using batik fabric as a background, different for each door.


A hole in your tights?

I’ve been wanting to use my embellisher to fix holes in sweaters or something. I keep telling people you can but I’ve never really tried it. But now I have, my niece Anna was kind enough to fall down and put a hole in her new tights.

An excellent challenge for my embellisher. Together we chose the colours, a pink dot (of course), a purple dot and yellow heart. A few minutes later Anna was ready to show her better-than-new tights!

But the embellisher can do more, much more. I love using it to make ‘new fabric, like this one in white, cream and gold.

The next step is stitching, lots of it.

And when it’s finished, it looks like this. The colour changes between the pictures are changing light, not changing colours…

The next step…to be continued.

Some more stitching, I finished my threadpainting!!! I love this technique and am definitely planning to do more.


Happy Monday

A week ago I ordered the complete series of Masterpiece-Superior threads from Barnyarns and they were delivered today. Seeing all those wonderful colours together and thinking aboutr all the things I will be able to do with them always makes me very happy. Before they arrived I had been wondering about how I would store them and hadn’t yet found a solution. Happy surprise: the threads came in two thread storage containers, courtesy of Barnyarns. Thank you!



One of the great things about the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham is that there are so many great lectures, workshops and masterclasses to choose from. This year I went to four very interesting lectures and one Masterclass. It was Threadpainting with Pam Holland. Pam is a wonderful teacher who shares all the tips and tricks of her work with her students and I had a great time and learnt a lot.

The basis of a Threadpainting is a photograph printed on fabric. This is mine:

Iron fusible web to the fabric photo and then iron this onto the background fabric you want to use. Then make a quilt-sandwich. This is where the real work starts. With the sewingmachine and threads in the colours of your photograph you start ‘painting’ the elements in your picture. This is what mine looked like at the end of the masterclass:

The next picture is a close-up so you can see the threads:

You can also see it’s not finished yet but I’m working on it.

If you’d like to see what the other students did and/or work by Pam Holland, check out her weblog.

To be continued…


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