Danger! Approach with caution!

I really think embellisher machines should come with this warning. Of course, there are warnings in the manual of the embellisher, about keeping your fingers away from the needles for example. But nobody tells you how addictive the machine is. You don’t believe me? Look at the picture I took of this lady at the workshop I gave last Friday.

She doesn’t hear or see anything except her work. The result:

This was the first piece she made, to try out the machine and the different fabrics. Then she went on to do this piece, it’s not finished yet so she placed an order for the embellisher (I said it should come with a warning).

These are the pieces that were made by the other ladies:

Sample by Carla

Another piece by Carla

Sample by Cobie, she plans to frame it and hang it on her wall.

In case you’re wondering, Carla ordered the machine too, Cobie is thinking about it. Oh, and the owner of the shop where I gave the workshop ordered one too…Like I said, approach with caution!!!


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