Folding frenzy

Some workshops should come with a warning. Jennie Rayment‘s folding workshops definitely should. Folding is addictive. Once you’ve started, it’s hard to stop because you keep thinking ‘what if I use this fabric, what if I make it smaller/bigger, what if I make it into a cushion/bag/quilt/etc. So here’s what happened:

This is one of the samples I made in Jennie’s class, we got the basics down during the class (she really makes you work) and then I finished it at home. This is the second sample:

At home I made some more. First using batik fabrics:

And then I made smaller pieces in white cotton. These are samples for the quilt I am going to make for my granddaughter Sara.

As you’ve probably guessed from the samples , it’s going to be a white and pink quilt, with lots of folding and applique.

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