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I’ve been wanting to join the CQ Journal Quilt challenge for a while but I’ve only just found the courage to actually do so. I’m always scared I won’t manage to finish everything in time, but here goes. This year’s challenge is an 8×12 inch quilt (landscape orientation) with a theme of your own choosing. You do have to stick to it for all 12 quilts. My theme is ‘tulips’. Why, you may wonder…Well, I have a thing for tulips, I’ve already made one tulip quilt:



There is another reason though, one of my sisters. I gave her one of my first quilts to put on the wall of the lawfirm she runs with two colleagues in Madrid. They’re called: Tulp abogados (tulp is tulip in Dutch). Having seen the progress my quilting efforts have made, my sister thought it was time for a new quilt. My journal quilts will explore the options and hopefully come up with the basis for a new tulip quilt.

The logo of the lawfirm is:


and I decided to use it as a starting point for my journal quilts.


I am using batik fabric for my first four quilts and a series of different techniques.

And before I forget, if you ever need a really good lawyer in Spain, call my sister, you’ll find her here:


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