My doors are coming along nicely. Yesterday I finished door number seven and this morning I started on door number 8. It actually looks like I’ll finish in time for my deadline. These are the background fabrics I’m using for my doors:

And this is my assistant Ares, where would I be without him?

A few weeks ago when I was talking to my husband about the doors he asked me about the keys and that sparked the idea to add some keys to the quilt. I went to the local second-hand shop to see what they had. At that point not a lot but they told me to come back a week later because they were just cleaning a house for someone and the had already seen boxes with keys. A week later I went back and there were more keys thatn I’ll ever need for this quilt. Of course I bought far too many but honestly, how can one resist…?

Enough keys for this quilt and more.

Beautiful big rusty keys.

I love these small ones as well.

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