New babyquilt

As you can see on the babyquilts page of my site, I have started a tradition of making a quilt for every baby that is born into our family. I try to use the card the parents send to announce the birth as a source of inspiration and combine that with what I know about the colours in the baby’s room and pictures of the newborn, his/her family (including pets), funny presents, etc, to make a quilt. I originally intended them for the crib but they all hang the quilts on the wall. That’s an advantage because I can be a little more adventurous with the embellishments. The youngest addition to our family is my nephew Morris, he was born in May and is still waiting for his quilt (or rather, his parents are waiting, I don’t think Morris is at all bothered). He’s my youngest sister’s son and she made it really hard for me this time. The card was a completely different style and colour from the cards she sent for her daughters, I would never have guessed it was hers. The colour was different too, check out her bedquilt on the ‘other’ page and the babyquilts of Anna and Julia. I had been thinking in purples and greens before I got the card but that went out the window when I received it:


I did a lot of sampling, colours, sketches, babies, butterflies, then I had to look through something like a thousand pictures my sister had given me to find the ones I wanted to use. I also wanted to use my new free motion quilting skills (thanks to my wonderful new Janome Horizon sewing machine) on this quilt. Up to now I have mostly stitched straight lines of quilting, my old sewing machine did not take kindly to anything more challenging than that. This is the fabric I used:

And now the quilt is finished. I’ll show you in my next post…

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