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Bookwrap Gems Tombola FoQ

Don’t forget, it’s almost time for the Bookwrap Gems Tombola at the FoQ in Birmingham. The Tombola starts on Thursday August 8 at 10.00 and will run all four days. Do come and try your luck. There are so many beautiful bookwraps to be won. Here are two of mine:

bookwrap gems

bookwrap gems

Check out bookwrapgems.wordpress.com to see many, many more.

Come and see us at the Tombola stand, it’s K22 in hall 9.

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More bookwrap fun

Once you get started making bookwraps, you see possibilities everywhere. So, I made some more, the Sunset series:

The strips on the bookwraps were made by needlefelting a piece of felt with wool tops. The background is quilted.

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More bookwraps

Bits and pieces from my new quilt, it’s still underwraps, waiting to make its debut at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham next week, but here are the bookwraps:

Britain I

Britain II

Britain III

Needlefelting, machine embroidery, cording, and lots of stitching.

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I’ve found a new addiction. The good thing is, it doesn’t cost a lot and you end up with lots of pretty gifts. For a project that’s coming up (still under wraps, more at a later date) I’ve started making bookwraps for A6-sized notebooks. To put in a little extra challenge for myself I’m making them from leftover bits and pieces and experiments. So far I haven’t had to buy anything. The only ‘new’ material I use is threads and ribbons and sometimes a bit of backing (leftover bits of fabric). Here are some of the results:

 Festival I        Festival II

Festival III

Festival IV


These bookwraps were all made from pieces left over from my Festival quilt. They are needle-felted (embellisher), stitched, machine quilted, and finished with cording.

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