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Festival of Quilts Video on eQuilter.com

For everyone who didn’t get to the Festival of Quilts and everyone who did and wants a repeat. Someone tipped me to this video today. It shows a selection of the quilts in the Pictorial category, including the winners and my own quilt (at the very end). Enjoy!




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The doors are finished

Finally, just before the deadline, I managed to finish my doors quilt.This is the result:

And these are the individual doors:

The doors are all threadpainted and the background has been densely machine quilted. The doors were all made individually and then joined together. The seams were covered with ribbon. The outer edge of the quilt is finished with ribbon and cording. The keys were attached with cording,

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My doors are coming along nicely. Yesterday I finished door number seven and this morning I started on door number 8. It actually looks like I’ll finish in time for my deadline. These are the background fabrics I’m using for my doors:

And this is my assistant Ares, where would I be without him?

A few weeks ago when I was talking to my husband about the doors he asked me about the keys and that sparked the idea to add some keys to the quilt. I went to the local second-hand shop to see what they had. At that point not a lot but they told me to come back a week later because they were just cleaning a house for someone and the had already seen boxes with keys. A week later I went back and there were more keys thatn I’ll ever need for this quilt. Of course I bought far too many but honestly, how can one resist…?

Enough keys for this quilt and more.

Beautiful big rusty keys.

I love these small ones as well.

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So what am I doing with all those doors? They’re all going to be part of a quilt. I’m threadpainting them all separately and then joining them together to make one quilt. I made a couple of samples first:

The doors are first printed onto Miracle Fabric sheets, then added to a background with fusible web. After adding batting and backing the door is threadpainted. The background is quilted.

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More doors…

It’s taken me a while but after lots of sampling, sleepless nights, endless cups of coffee and tea, I’ve finally decided which doors I’ll be using for my project.

Now all I have to do is thread paint them…

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Doors, doors, doors…fascinating subject. I’m working on a doors project and the hard part is choosing which doors to use.

A bricked-up door in Italy

A garage door in Holland

Church doors in Holland

Front door in Holland

Front door in Mexico

Another Mexican door

Another door in Mexico

I like Mexican doors, this is another one

and this,

and this as well.

There are still more doors in my file so you can imagine I’m having a hard time choosing. I need at least nine doors for this project and if I have time (there’s a deadline) I could maybe do twelve… I’m going to thread paint them individually and then put them together to make one quilt. I’m using batik fabric as a background, different for each door.

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