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Journal Quilts

Another journal quilt, finished at last. The good news is that number 4 is on the way, I should be able to finish it in time. This one has the same pattern as the first two but a different technique: gold-painted fusible web with some quilting around the tulip and the letters, satin stitch linesĀ  and gold beads, and a corded finish like the first two.

journal quilts


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Journal Quilts

You might say I’m a bit behind with my Journal Quilts. I’m supposed to finish one every month…it’s now March and I still have to finish the first two quilts. I did only decide to join the challenge a day or so before the deadline (February 15), does that count as an excuse? Anyway, here’s my first almost finished Journal Quilt:

Tulp 01

Almost finished because I still have to add some sort of binding (and a tunnel, and a label). I used batik fabric, fusible web for the raw edge applique, and then lots of stitching with my beautiful Wonderfil threads, in this case Tutti (blue/yellow) and Mirage (red/purple). The batting is 80/20 fusible Hobbs.


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Journal Quilts

I’ve been wanting to join the CQ Journal Quilt challenge for a while but I’ve only just found the courage to actually do so. I’m always scared I won’t manage to finish everything in time, but here goes. This year’s challenge is an 8×12 inch quilt (landscape orientation) with a theme of your own choosing. You do have to stick to it for all 12 quilts. My theme is ‘tulips’. Why, you may wonder…Well, I have a thing for tulips, I’ve already made one tulip quilt:



There is another reason though, one of my sisters. I gave her one of my first quilts to put on the wall of the lawfirm she runs with two colleagues in Madrid. They’re called: Tulp abogados (tulp is tulip in Dutch). Having seen the progress my quilting efforts have made, my sister thought it was time for a new quilt. My journal quilts will explore the options and hopefully come up with the basis for a new tulip quilt.

The logo of the lawfirm is:


and I decided to use it as a starting point for my journal quilts.


I am using batik fabric for my first four quilts and a series of different techniques.

And before I forget, if you ever need a really good lawyer in Spain, call my sister, you’ll find her here:


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Sara’s quilt – folded patchwork

Finally, I finished Sara’s quilt. It’s a mixture of folded patchwork and fused raw edge applique.

Sara's quilt


Almost all the piecing and quilting done with Invisafil (by Wonderfil). The little hearts in the centre of the quilt are small books with pictures of Sara’s first days.


Here’s some more detail of the folded patchwork:

vouwwerk 2

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