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Doors, doors, doors…fascinating subject. I’m working on a doors project and the hard part is choosing which doors to use.

A bricked-up door in Italy

A garage door in Holland

Church doors in Holland

Front door in Holland

Front door in Mexico

Another Mexican door

Another door in Mexico

I like Mexican doors, this is another one

and this,

and this as well.

There are still more doors in my file so you can imagine I’m having a hard time choosing. I need at least nine doors for this project and if I have time (there’s a deadline) I could maybe do twelve… I’m going to thread paint them individually and then put them together to make one quilt. I’m using batik fabric as a background, different for each door.



So, what do you get is you take five girls (ages 9-11), some sewing machines, fabric, fusible web, thread, batting, embellishments and a bit of time? Now before you answer, the girls have little or nog experience with the sewing machine or any sewing activity for that matter. Too hard for you? Well here’s the answer:

They all had a lot of fun working on their quilts and so did I. Maybe the thing they enjoyed most was working with the big Janome 7700 sewing machine. Guess what’s on their wishlist…


Meet the angels…

They’ve been around for a while but I haven’t gotten round to writing about them, my Christmas angels. I’d been wanting to make some angels since I fell in love with a little glass angel my parents brought from Mexico. There’s a little glass dove too that we’ve already used for the cradles of the twins and for their quilts as well (see the babyquilts of Emma and Eva).

Do you remember this piece of needlefelted fabric? It’s the perfect material for my angels.

I finished the pieces of the angels with gold yarn and then appliqued them onto the background. The background was quilted and then finished with gold cord.

There was still some fabric left so:




A hole in your tights?

I’ve been wanting to use my embellisher to fix holes in sweaters or something. I keep telling people you can but I’ve never really tried it. But now I have, my niece Anna was kind enough to fall down and put a hole in her new tights.

An excellent challenge for my embellisher. Together we chose the colours, a pink dot (of course), a purple dot and yellow heart. A few minutes later Anna was ready to show her better-than-new tights!

But the embellisher can do more, much more. I love using it to make ‘new fabric, like this one in white, cream and gold.

The next step is stitching, lots of it.

And when it’s finished, it looks like this. The colour changes between the pictures are changing light, not changing colours…

The next step…to be continued.

Some more stitching, I finished my threadpainting!!! I love this technique and am definitely planning to do more.


Festival of Quilts

Last weekend I was in Birmingham at the Festival of Quilts. If you’ve never been there, you’re really missing something. It’s a wonderful show with so many beautiful quilts. Four days are never enough for me to see it all and talk to all the friends you haven’t seen for a year. Oh, and don’t forget the shopping… If you’ve entered a quilt of your own, it’s even more fun, you can listen to what people are saying about it and maybe even win a prize, which is what happened to me this year. The quilt I had entered into the Quilter’s Guild challenge won a European Award.Festival of quilts

Visit the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK


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