Passion for quilting

WonderFil Projects

Take a piece of black fabric, add some Fruitti machine stitching and make a one-of-a-kind pincushion:

hermaderuiter, wonderfil pincushion

Couching with Razzle, Dazzle and Mirage, a panel for a bag or a cushion:

hermaderuiter, couching with wonderfil 2

Orange and blue, twin quilts made with Razzle, Dazzle, D-Twist, Mirage, Splendor, InvisaFil

Folded and twisted circle quilts (Jennie Rayment) with InvisaFil, Silco and Splendor:

Stitching samples with different threads (Razzle, Mirage, Hologram, Deco-Bob):

Decorate your fabric with WonderFil Specialty Threads before turning it into a skirt (works for other garments as well):


Razzle, D-Twist, Silco, Splendor and Deco-Bob (bobbin).

Or take a store-bought skirt and make it into a one-of-a-kind:


Razzle (crochet), Splendor (applique and stitching), and Deco-Bob (bobbin)


Razzle (hand-stitching), Splendor (applique), and Deco-Bob (bobbin)

Purse decorated with Dazzle embroidery and crocheted Dazzle flowers

WonderFil Projects

WonderFil Christmas tree quilt: crocheted stars (Dazzle), decorative stitches (variegated Splendor) and quilting (InvisaFil). The pattern for the stars is from the (Dutch) book ‘Kleurrijke cadeautjes haken’ van Margriet de Muinck


Bookwraps: last year’s Bookwrap Gems project left me with an addiction for making bookwraps. It’s lovely to experiment with the WonderFil threads and turn the results into pretty bookwraps:







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